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Repurposing Content

Repurposing Content for Your Small Business

Repurposing content is simply the process of recycling old content and re-sharing it in new creative ways. The word repurposing in the dictionary is the process by which an object with one use value is transformed or redeployed as an object with an alternative use value. For me repurposing content is like tuning and styling your dad’s old car. Remember that TV show “Pimp My Ride” with Xzibit. That’s how you can effectively repurpose content. Take your old content, and make it look cool again.

You spend many hours creating content. Wether its Video, Photos or Blog posts. You tend to feel like your content is aging like milk not like wine. As a small business, you understand that time is the most valuable commodity. So repurposing content is a necessity to maintain a presence on different social media outlets.

Why Repurposing Content:

  • Reaching New Audience: You are able to take content you shared in a specific platform and re-share it on another platform with a different audience. You also have the option to repackage the content and elaborate on it. Let’s say you wrote a blog post. Now you can make a podcast on the topic you wrote about.
  • Recycling your Hottest Hits: All those cool photos you shared on Instagram a few months ago. Based on the likes the photos received. Now you know which ones are popular among your audience. Pick all the popular ones. You can re-edit those photos and re-share them on different photo sharing platforms.
  • Save Time: You sacrificed everything for you small business. Most small businesses are not making millions of dollars a year. You just want to have enough time to do what you love. When you reuse and recycle content. You’re actually using your time effectively.

How Repurposing Content works for Me @

I want to share with you couple bullet points to illustrate how I repurpose my own content. Maybe you can use that as a reference to help you repurpose yours.

  • Photos: Instagram is great but most of the time your photos have to be cropped to fit that Instagram square format. So sometimes I would see which ones are popular and re-edit and repost on Tumblr or Facebook that way people get to see the full photo in high resolution.
  • Tweets: What I’ve been doing recently for example is that I would take good quotes from Blog posts I wrote and use them as tweets. I would share them as a “tip of the day” kinda style.
  • Videos: I started doing this recently. I would create a quick video to summarize my blog post. Not everyone wants to read blog posts. So I can take the highlights from the blog post and make them into a video. In fact I did that last week. Here is the link to the post and the video is right underneath it:
  • Facebook Live Stream: With Facebook live, the videos are saved on your page. In the past I was able to take those live streams and embed them into my blog posts. Here is the link on how to do so
  • Snapchat: I’ve done this a few times. After you take a snap, you can actually save that into your phone. Due to Snapchat’s popularity I’ve seen so many people include Snaps into their videos and blog posts.

Final Thoughts

Content creation is a full time job. Not everyone has the time to do it. In fact it is becoming so overwhelming to keep up with all these platforms. Many people don’t feel inclined to even try. Although recycling the old and repurposing content can be a very motivating idea. Think of it as a project car. You take a classic and make look cool  again. You get to save time and engage your audience on difference social media platforms. What’s not to love!?!?


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