Brand New Dreams


I’m Hamza Daoui, a dreamer with broad experience in content creation, content marketing and visual design.

When I was a kid I watched ads like I watched cartoons. I’ll come back to that point later on.

My first job was at Maximus Inc. in Boston. Maximus provides customer services solutions for public programs. I started as a Health Benefits Advisor. Then I became a Web Content Editor. My job consisted of maintaining the intranet site and insuring the information is accurate. I designed, created and wrote newsletters. I provided internal progress reports. I also assumed the unofficial role of graphic designer using photography and desktop applications for creative development.

During this time I worked as a freelance photographer on a part time basis. Very often I would get hired by promotion companies to photograph events, shows and nightclubs. I was also in charge of strategic planning and implementation of media campaigns, including running social media accounts. I did that for about 5 years and it was fun while it lasted.

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” remember that line from Fight Club? So, yeah I gave my notice at work, sold everything and I moved to California.

For my first two years I worked as a Manager at Lucky D’s hostel in San Diego. I was responsible for overall hostel operations, finances, and bottom-line results. I also revamped the website and optimized social media outlets. I was still working as a freelance photographer and online marketing coordinator for various local clients.

So back to my point of being fascinated by advertising since I was a kid. I love advertising and marketing. I’m definitely the guy that watches the superbowl just for the ads. The guy that read every marketing book from David Ogilvy to Malcom Gladwell to Seth Godin. The guy who knows the latest trends on Instagram and YouTube.

So now my main focus is Online Branding and Social Media Marketing for small businesses. That’s all I want to do and talk about. That’s why I created this website. Don’t get me wrong, I love photography, web and graphic design. However what fascinates me the most is how to sell and market an idea. How to make something go viral. How to give a voice back to the people. My job is to empower the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. So If you like what you’re hearing please stick around. I’m just getting started.


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